The Warren Farm, Brockhampton Park
Bringsty, Worcester WR6 5TB
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Warren Farms

The Pantry

Warren Farms - Pantry

In this space you'll find a wonderful array of jams, jellies, marmalade and fruit sauces. We produce apple juice from orchards on the farm, and jams and chutneys made from the many damson and plum trees on the estate. Most recently we have produced our own cold pressed rapeseed oil; 'Pure Herefordshire' is an additive free cooking essential. The crop is planted in August one year and then harvested the following July or August. The tiny rapeseed produces this golden colored oil which has a light nutty flavor and is ideal for dressings, frying or baking. Our own free range eggs are available and if you are lucky some of our own goose eggs.

Everything we sell is grown on the farm and made here. Warren Farm is committed to sustainable agriculture and during the past ten years we have been introducing wildlife habitats across the farm. For example by restoring hedges and creating broader margins around all arable fields and in the future hope to develop several wetland habitats using the natural water courses on the farm.