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Warren Farms

Pure Herefordshire cold pressed rapeseed oil

Warren FarmsHere at Warren Farm we have a unique location, situated on the National Trusts Brockhampton Estate. Stunning views, traditional farm buildings ancient woodland, tree-lined watercourses and orchard.

As part of our arable rotation we grow oil seed rape which has historically fulfilled a useful role as a "break crop" in the farm rotation - to suppress weeds and improve soil quality - for cereal crops such as wheat and barley. We sell some rape seed to the trade and some we cold press into oil. Rapeseed oil is one of the highest yield oils - it has very black seeds, which are like poppy seeds, and they are 45% oil - and the other 55% is high protein animal feed - an amazing piece of nature.

Warren Farms In our arable crops we have created habitats for birds, using wild bird mixes and wildflower margins, this has helped provide sites for feeding, nesting and over-wintering, coupled with margins round all arable crops which have created a fantastic network of wildlife corridors.  The end result of the cold pressing is Pure Herefordshire rape seed oil.

The crop is planted in August one year and then harvested the following July or August.  The tiny rapeseed produces this golden coloured oil which has a light nutty flavour and is ideal for dressings, frying or baking

Once you start using it you’ll wonder how you ever managed without this additive free cooking essential.

  • 250 ml bottles available @ £3.50 per bottle
  • 500 ml bottles available @ £4.50 per bottle

Environmental awareness is at the heart of the management of Warren farm. Initiatives are in place that will improve wildlife habitats and encourage bio-diversity across the farm.