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Warren Farms

Events and Exhibitions

Warren Farms

As a farm we have got involved in a number of county events.

There is a walking festival in June where we offer a variety of guided walks around the farm. Also in June we sometimes host an 'Open Farm Sunday' event where it is free to visit the farm and take part in special activities for the day. This is a national event and a great way to get to know what is happening at a farm near you. Get in touch nearer the time and see what is happening. If you run a walking group we can provide a refreshment stop for your walk if you book in advance or you can base your walk from here if that helps.

Several painting groups come and spend a day at the farm sketching and painting. This normally includes morning coffee and lunch but some prefer to bring their own picnic. The views from Warren Farm are spectacular and have provided the basis of some painting courses run from here. There is a charge for using the space for a day; do get in touch to see what will work for your group.

Several years ago we hosted the Ryeland Sheep Society Day. For any sheep enthusiasts this is a marvelous event.

Stoke Bliss Ploughing Match is held here every so many years; it provides an opportunity to see skilled field work along with the craft and cookery section.

For any information or details on any of the above events or exhibitions please give us a call or email to James or Victoria Hawkins.

Warren FarmsWarren FarmsWarren Farms