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Warren Farms

Brockhampton Beef

Warren FarmsA herd of Hereford cattle was reintroduced to Brockhampton Estate in 2002. During the summer months you can see the herd grazing the fields around Lower Brockhampton. The cattle have been reared to the highest animal welfare standards by James Hawkins who is the tenant at Warren farm and manages the Hereford Herd for the National Trust. We are part of the Pasture Fed Livestock association which encourages animals to eat only grass and forage crops for their entire life; so it is good for you as a consumer, good for our animal welfare and good for our farm environment. When an animal is fit it is taken to the abattoir and then the meat is hung for three to four weeks to allow the true flavours to mature. The meat is then cut and boxed up into 10kg (22 lbs) of beautiful Hereford Beef which is then ready for collection and is ideal for the freezer. There is a selection of cuts and joints to suit all tastes. Our topside beef won the National Trust's Golden Award in 2009 for its outstanding flavour and texture. We are very pleased that our farming system is capable of producing the very best of English food.

For the most up to date cost of the beef box please contact us direct and speak to either James or Victoria Hawkins. We can then let you know when the next beast will be fit and how long until the Brockhampton Beef box is ready. This really is a taste of Herefordshire and how it should be!

Warren FarmsWarren Farms