Moving on


It is the season of races; our one son has run in the Brighton marathon, good friends have both run in the London marathon and even our local blacksmith runs crazy races over mountains.  I thought that maybe Victoria and I could take up cycling.  Not too much impact and its downhill in every direction from Warren Farm.

I’ve recently got into buying a few bits at auction; very often as an internet bid.  There was a sale of some high performance mountain bikes (we are on a hill).  It has to be said they were in a police sale of stolen, unclaimed bikes.  Each lot was sold in threes but you couldn’t go and see them, only look at a picture.  Anyway, I bid on a nice collection of three bikes, one black, one silver and one blue.  I won’t reveal how much I paid but I won the bid and went to collect them.  Victoria was waiting at home and I really wished she hadn’t been  because although there were three bikes, I had the front of the black bike, the back of the blue bike and just the frame of the silver bike.  I did point out to Victoria that I had also managed to purchase some excellent bits of railing, a piece of pavement and lock still attached to the silver frame!

When I realised that our cycling future was still far off we had started lambing so I had other rather different mountains to climb. Sometimes I think that spring on a farm is a race.  What are we actually racing against?

To finish lambing so I can clear out the lambing shed to be ready for the corn.

To put the fertiliser on the fields before it rains too much.

To plant the oats before the ground dries out.

To mow the lawn because it will be too long next week.

To prick out some seedlings so that I can plant some more seeds.

To fix the fence before the cows find the gap.

To guard the new hedge plants before the deer eat them.

To wean the pet lambs before I need another bag of milk powder.

To get all the jobs up together before my son goes away to work.

To collect the chicken’s eggs from the hidden nest because I’ll forget next time.

I’ll catch sight of the first swallow and martin, hear the cuckoo and watch her swoop over the hedgerow.  Spy violets and primroses by our newly laid hedge.  Disturb tadpoles in the watery scrape by the wood and see the bluebells get brighter in the spring sunshine.

Spring is a race for life and as farmers we are part of it.  May be I’m already a long distance runner, what a relief; perhaps I’ll sell my bikes on ebay.waterfalls 069

news from warren farm june 15